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Hi, I'm Beth

Hello. Most people call me Beth and I am a human-robot interaction researcher with the Humanity Centered  Robotics Initiative at Brown University. 

I recently completed my PhD in Applied Experimental and Human Factors Psychology at the University of Central Florida. Broadly, my expertise is in human interactions with robots, autonomous systems, and related technologies like augmented and virtual reality. I am studying how we can design these systems to be better partners, teammates, and companions for people in the near future. While in graduate school, my primary research responsibilities were with the Robotics Collaborative Technology Alliance (RCTA), a multidisciplinary consortium working towards the development of future human-robot teams. With the RCTA, my research focused on shared mental models to enable teamwork between humans and robots, and supporting the development of situation awareness among members of human-robot teams. At Brown, I am continuing this work as a primary investigator researching whether robots who follow the norms that govern small teams will be trusted by those teams. 

I have an interest in how robots and other technologies are changing the way we interact with the world and one another, including the future of human relationships. I recently gave a presentation on this topic at an event called Orlando Nerd Nite and The Smithsonian's Future is Here Festival in Washington, D.C.

I'm a slow runner, fast learner, and live in an electric ukulele household. Also passionate about: Saxophone, Space, Star Trek, Sustainability, People, and Creating. You can listen to my friends and me talk about Star Trek, on my podcast at

Check out my blog for updates on my recent work. More publications can be found on Google Scholar