Update: Walkerbot/Tablebot project makes progress!

Update: Walkerbot/Tablebot project makes progress!

Earlier I posted on the successful funding of our Walkerbot project which is focused on developing robots and other robotic devices to help older adults maintain personal connections to others as well as physical activity as they age. In addition, Walkerbot was envisioned to be a part of a class of  "situated robots" that can seamlessly integrate into homes and other living spaces.  I'm happy to present an update on the progress of the Walkerbot project. With this funding we were able to support an engineering student, Jung Yeop (Steve) Kim, to develop Tablebot or Tbo, the first in the class of situated robots.  Tbo is meant to the first in line of situated robots which will culminate in a more advanced prototype for Walkerbot. With the remainder of the summer, we will be working to use Tbo as a platform for HRI studies. Check out Steve's website for more on Tbo

Ian Gonsher (PI) and Steve Kim talking more about Tbo. 

Our goal is to develop a class of robots that “hide in plain sight”. This approach that blends the built environment with smart, mobile objects, which we are calling “situated robotics” are robots that live most of their lives as tables and chairs and other similar kinds of inconspicuous furnishings. They are fully integrated into the built environment.

 by Jung Yeop Kim on 2017-06-11.

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