SA article gets revise and resubmit

The summer of writing continues on! My manuscript of my dissertation work was accepted pending revisions, which is great news. With a marathon week of writing, I was able to get the changes in by the deadline. I'm looking forward to seeing what the reviewers think of the changes. *fingers crossed*. 


The purpose of this study was to test the effects of information exchanges provided by a robot on the development of situation awareness in a human partner, under differing levels of visuospatial perspective taking, and the consequential effects on the quality of human assistance provided to a robot. Fifty-six male participants, ages 18 to 29 (M= 18.89, SD= 3.412) were included in the analysis of the results. The results revealed that if robots, through robot-to-human information exchanges, can increasingly support a human’s understanding of when assistance is needed, humans will be better able to provide that assistance. Further, if extra spatial information is added to robot-to-human information exchanges, representing that spatial information in reference to a cardinal, global-relative reference frame, is more beneficial than representing that information in reference to the human’s view of the environment.

Phillips, E. & Jentsch, F. (under review). Supporting situation awareness through robot-to-human information exchanges under conditions of visuospatial perspective taking. Submitted to Journal of Human-Robot Interaction. 



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