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Partnership with Sproutel & Rhode Island Innovation Voucher

Right before leaving for vacation a few weeks back, I worked with the team over at Sproutel, a local Rhode Island medical tech company, to submit a proposal for funding via a Rhode Island Innovation voucher. Together Sproutel and Brown's Humanity Centered Robotics Initiative are partnering to complete a user study deploying a new iteration of Jerry the Bear  in patient homes. I am really excited about this project and looking forward to working on an industry-academia partnership. We're hoping to hear back about funding soon. 

Grant title: Evaluating Psychosocial Support Provided by Jerry the Bear for Type I Diabetes, submitted to Rhode Island Commerce Corporation


Wow. Finally, I am getting a manuscript of my dissertation work out the door. It was a herculean effort to try to cut down the manuscript to under 8,000 words. But, I think I'm happy with how it turned out. 

Phillips, E. & Jentsch, F. (Submitted). Supporting situation awareness through robot-to-human information exchanges under conditions of visuospatial perspective taking. Submitted to Journal of Human-Robot Interaction. 

Abstract after the break. 

This post is coming a bit late, but a few months back some colleagues and I submitted a journal article manuscript to the ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems (TiiS) special issue on Trust and Influence in Intelligent Human-Machine Interaction. We're really excited about this piece and hope to hear back about it soon. 

Baker, T., Phillips, E., Ullman, D., & Keebler, J. (Submitted). Toward an understanding of trust repair in human-robot interaction: Current research and future directions. Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems

Recently, I was really fortunate to lend my expertise in experimental design and HRI studies with human users, to collaborate on a paper with researchers in Brown's Computer Science Department, the Humans 2 Robots Lab on a paper for the 2017 IROS conference

Whitney, D., Rosen, E., Phillips, E., Konidaris, G., & Tellex, S. (Submitted). A virtual reality interface for robots. International conference on intelligent robots and systems. IEEE/RSJ. 

Before the vacation was a made dash to finish a number of conference submissions, including two for HFES 2017. Hoping these will get in so that I can see my Human Factors Colleagues in Austin in October. 

Submitted paper titles: 

  • What does a robot look like?: A multi-site examination of user expectations about robot form

  • Robot Self-Assessment and Expression: A Framework