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I really like making posters.

I really enjoy making posters of my projects. I know sometimes posters can be seen as the "less good" presentation type. But, in my experience, the conversations I've had have been far more productive and rewarding when in poster sessions than in lecture sessions. I also like making things, and posters are a great way to make tangible research papers and ideas. When my undergrads are learning how to make posters, we do a "poster walk" where we go around looking at other people's example posters and we talk about all the things we like or would improve upon. Two of my students have won best poster awards. (Just to be clear, that was not a humble brag. It was a regular brag. I have great students and they have great posters).  

I decided that I should not let them sit in the physical or digital closet anymore. Thus, I have created a page where you can explore some of these creations. Please enjoy. 

Link after the break.