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Happy National Ergonomics Month!

It’s National Ergonomics Month!

As the NEM chair, I am happy to announce that we just started the 14th National Ergonomics Month (NEM)--a campaign designated by the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society as a time to highlight the work of human factors/ergonomics (HF/E) professionals toward bettering the lives of people around the world.

Quick update: The Women in Robotics Workshop is this weekend as part of the Robotics: Society and Systems conference at MIT. The other co-organizers and I have been working really hard to support female student participation in this event. Thanks to support from NSF, X (Google), Mayfield Robotics, and Toyota Research Institute (Heavy lifting done by my co-organizers) we are supporting more than 20 student travel awards both domestically and internationally. 

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With the creation of the HCRI, new professors joining the university, and new classes being offered to students, the drone community at Brown is growing fast. In fact, one of our first drone projects was drone delivery of cookies. Yum! As a result, the University has asked the HCRI to draft the first University wide drone policy. I'm really excited to have been asked to co-author this policy. I think it will be great experience for me and will allow me to make a practical and lasting contribution to the University and its community. 

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Robot Block Party!

I'm super excited to say that the HCRI will be hosting and participating in 2017 Robot Block Party! 

RBP highlights the innovation of our state’s robotic community, bringing together industry, universities, community organizations, and K-12 schools. It’s open to the public and includes numerous pieces of robotic equipment that range from ocean exploration devices to animatronic toys.